Recommendations for 9/9

This article was originally published at on September 8, 2020.


There is no denying the place of Kurt Vonnegut or Slaughterhouse-Five, his best-known novel, in the modern canon. This renowned piece of literature is taught in high schools across the United States and abroad, offering readers a compelling anti-war treatise and one of the most inventive narrative structures ever put to paper. The challenge of adapting this story for comics is as exciting as it is immense, but it seems that the best possible creators for the job have been found. Artist Albert Monteys’ work on Universe speaks to an impeccable sense of design and storytelling—one capable of transforming absurdly complex concepts into neatly understood illustrations. Writer Ryan North is known for both his sense of humor and love of science in series like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. That’s a very compelling duo considering the source material. So whether or not you’ve read the classic Slaughterhouse-Five before, now is a perfect moment to (re)discover it in comics form. — Chase Magnett

Published by Boom Studios

Written by Kurt Vonnegut with Ryan North

Art by Albert Monteys


Ice Cream Man is not a kind-hearted comic book, but it is a comic book made by genuinely kind people. When lockdown began in March, the folks behind Ice Cream Man launched a short series of webcomics appropriately titled Quarantine Comix—they offered entertainment to fans and raised money for Comicbook United Fund and its efforts to support local comic book retailers. Now all six of those publications have been collected in physical form to raise even more money to aid those small stores that make picking up comics every week a delight. Readers familiar with the Ice Cream Man series will testify to its devilishly inventive nature as each issue offers a new tale (often with a new storytelling twist) in an exceptionally twisted world of horror. Even readers unfamiliar with the series are bound to get a kick from this oversized assemblage of creepy minicomics as Halloween approaches. Plus, it provides a treat for comic book stores in a moment of need. — Chase Magnett

Published by Image Comics

Written by W. Maxwell Prince

Art by Martin Morazzo

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