Recommendations for 9/8

This article was originally published at on September 7, 2021.


For as much acclaim as Jeff Lemire’s superhero comics and spectacle-driven endeavors receive, especially Black Hammer, I have always preferred his more personal and more formally ambitious projects. Mazebook certainly falls into that latter vein, evoking memories of The Underwater Welder in its elevator pitch: a father mourning his daughter uses her old puzzle-building materials to seek her out in the city. It’s a ghost story wrapped in relatable tragedy and stuffed into a Paul Auster plot complete with literal mazes of grief. While it’s possible to draw connections to Lemire’s extensive bibliography and similar literary works, Mazebook comes to readers as a wholly original work. It features original characters in a medley of genre influences focused on a story—with its intersecting lines, patterns, and mazes, both literal and metaphorical—that could only exist in comics. That’s the essence of promise and I cannot wait to see what’s inside the first issue. — Chase Magnett

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Jeff Lemire

Letters by Steve Wands


Search for Hu’s announcement reads like the sort of comic Aftershock earned its reputation to publish—a rich blend of cultural heritage and history infuse a modern conflict and compel one man to seek revenge. It’s the dedication to complexity that’s most gripping as the series examines more than a century of shared history between Chinese and Jewish lineages. This won’t simply be a fight comic; the creators want these fights to be filled with impact that’s more meaningful than impressive action sequences. The creators attached to Search for Hu promise readers that will be achieved, too, with promising comics writer John Tsuei joined by Steve Orlando who’s shown a knack with fight comics. Artist Rubine’s pages make for an impressive splash as many readers will be discovering their well-designed figures and kinetic action panels for the first time. Search for Hu #1 promises a compelling hook, but I’m already prepared to read the entire story. — Chase Magnett

Published by Aftershock Comics

Written by John Tsuei and Steve Orlando

Art by Rubine

Colors by DC Alonso

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

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