Recommendations for 9/22

This article was originally published at on September 22, 2020.


Does it have the words “Immortal” and “Hulk” on the cover? Great, then pump that comic directly into my eyeballs. The Immortal Hulk has received more accolades than any mainstream superhero comic in years, and all of them have been deserved. Even the series’ spinoffs and tie-ins manage to deliver a level of quality not seen in most other Marvel publications. So the announcement of an Immortal She-Hulk one-shot, drafting the beloved character Jennifer Walters into Bruce Banner’s unfurling saga of horror is cause for excitement. It’s unclear exactly how these events will impact either this heroine or the ongoing story of Immortal Hulk, but following She-Hulk’s death in Empyre, it appears this will reveal far more about the Green Door and exactly what forces empower the fearsome power and uncanny lives of those that walk through it. — Chase Magnett

Published by Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Jon Davis-Hunt


I remember listening to the Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young song “Ohio” with my dad on classic radio growing up, and him telling me about living through the Nixon years—the events that led to four protesters slaughtered by their own government on the Kent State campus. It felt distant as a child, like a story of the bad, old times; it doesn’t feel that way now. Derf Backderf’s new historical comic details the zeitgeist and events that led to this consequential shooting, and subtly establishes links between themes of the past and our present moment. To call its publication timely is to engage in understatement, but the arrival of Kent State is certainly welcome. Backderf’s cartooning is unparalleled, capturing the visceral ugliness and raw emotion that give humanity meaning. His thematic interests in the effects of memory, the unpredictable unfurling of history, and importance of “small lives” in larger narratives all ensure that this story is well told and relevant. Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio is essential reading in 2020—a critical reminder that justice is never guaranteed, especially not in the United States. — Chase Magnett

Published by Abrams Comicarts

Created by Derf Backderf

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