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This article was originally published at on June 8, 2021.


If you don’t already recognize the names Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer, you won’t miss them again after reading The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton. Starks is one of the funniest creators in comics as amply evidenced in works like Sexcastle and Assassin Nation. It’s work that delivers multiple laughs on seemingly every page, revels in the idiosyncrasies of American popular culture, and still discovers levels of sincerity within itself at the most surprising opportunities. Schweizer possesses a keen eye for graphic design with instantly recognizable characters and dense pages. It’s what has made him a skilled comics historian (as in, a historian operating in comics) and killer storyteller. Combine these talents on a series about six former sidekicks of a (very recently) deceased television star trying to solve the mystery of their mentor’s death and you’ve got quite a comic book on your hands. If you’ve read Starks or Schweizer before, then you already know this is a can’t-miss debut from Image Comics. If you haven’t, get ready to order a lot more comics as soon as you finish issue #1. — Chase Magnett

Published by Image Comics

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Chris Schweizer

Colors by Chris Schweizer and Liz Trice Schweizer


Netflix subscribers (along with their friends and family) went wild for Sweet Tooth this past weekend, and for good reason. The television adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s magnum opus captures so much of what made comics readers fall in love with Gus and Jeppard more than 10 years ago. I still recall discovering the series during undergrad. It plays like an optimistic refrain to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road with an apocalyptic elimination of human civilization shared with an acknowledgement that life finds a way, even if it is not with humans. Now new fans of the Netflix series can discover the complete source material in this affordable compendium containing all 40 issues of Sweet Tooth. This oversized paperback fits the sweeping adventure perfectly and will make for some excellent summer reading—perfect for several hours swinging in a hammock. Whether you’re looking for more after streaming or just finally tackling one of Vertigo Comics’ last great series, don’t miss this stupendous compendium. — Chase Magnett

Published by DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Jeff Lemire

Colors by Jose Villarrubia

Letters by Pat Brosseau

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