Recommendations for 6/2

This article was originally published at on June 1, 2021.


When just flipping through pages in The City of Belgium, you will be struck by the sheer beauty of what cartoonist Brecht Evens has constructed. The use of color and form build the sensation of a city alive at night with bright neon lights and shadowy hubs alike creating a lush, memory-like landscape perfect for the meditations contained within it. Evens’ story focuses on three individuals—temporary castaways in their own lives—seeking some escape for a single night in the titular city. The personal becomes universal as the specificity of their challenges and concerns reflect the moods of isolation, uncertainty, and risk that can be found even in the midst of a major metropolitan area’s nightlife with so many people and potential escapes present. The City of Belgium delivers its readers an entrancing one night stand in a city of wondrous beauty and lonely people. Astonishing and moving in equal turns, this is a comic not to be missed. — Chase Magnett

Published by Drawn & Quarterly

Created by Brecht Evens


I only recently discovered Chainsaw Man and proceeded to burn through the current publications in less than a week, so the impending release of volume five is a genuine relief. This series has everything I want in shonen manga—ludicrously fast pacing, constant escalations in drama and violence, and a genuine appreciation for blue-collar humor. Combine that with a class conscious narrative and classic boy-and-his-dog tropes and I’m 100% in. The fifth volume is set to ratchet up the stakes and tension of Chainsaw Man even further as Denji (the eponymous anti-hero) battles another demon with similar attributes in a chainsaw vs. sword battle. Given the series’ current trajectory, it’s safe to assume that more bodies will hit the floor before they’re done and things will only get worse from there. Chainsaw Man is a thrillride and one that delivers in each new installment; bring on volume five. — Chase Magnett

Published by Viz Media

Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto

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