Recommendations for 1/8

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on January 7, 2019.

Marvels X #1

Written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger

Art by Well-Bee

Published by Marvel Comics

Say what you will about Paradise X, it certainly didn’t lack for ambition or ideas, and it was still building on the excellent Earth X. After decades away from this alternate history of the Marvel universe, Alex Ross is returning to pen a 6-issue prologue filled with monsters and lost hopes. Going back to the beginning feels like a smart move for a franchise that was never stronger than its initial entry. With later excesses reined in and a strong emphasis placed on a single teenage character, Marvels X could recreate some of that magic and update the ideas for a new generation of superheroes and their readers. Whether or not the entire series succeeds, it’s bound to muster up big ideas and throw caution to the wind. That’s a rarity at the “big two” these days and reason enough to check out one series that will be interesting, if nothing else. — Chase Magnett

Daphne Byrne #1

Written by Laura Marks

Art by Kelley Jones

Published by DC Comics

The Hill House line or imprint or whatever it is that DC Comics’ is calling these things now has been a great success so far (beyond not knowing what to call it) and that has made every #1 issue with that label on the cover a must buy. Daphne Byrne promises a story filled with ghosts and possible cultists, one set in an earlier era perfectly suited to the long forms and dripping inks of artist Kelley Jones. While Jones might be best known for his work on various Batman comics, he has always brought out the best gothic sensibilities in Gotham City and every other property he touches. Watching him work on a story that is specifically about the horrific feels like the exact sort of blank check that fans have been waiting to see for years. With a devilish premise, top-notch team of creators, and a brand that has delivered with each debut, Daphne Byrne already reads like a guaranteed success. — Chase Magnett

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